January 26, 2018

It may be common knowledge that buying rental property can be one of the most secure and fastest ways to build serious wealth – but the “how to” knowledge is not so common. The steps to buying rental property, however, are not that drastically different from buying you...

January 26, 2018

Kids are high-impact on rental properties. So why the heck would any landlord go out of their way to attract families?

First, because families tend toward longer tenancies. Young adults in their 20s move frequently, as they bounce between jobs, date around, get married,...

January 5, 2018

Beyond the inconvenience and discomfort, a winter storm or other severe weather conditions can cause real damage. So it's important to think about winter preparedness.

Protecting your home is vital. A frozen water pipe can burst and flood your house or basement. An ice...

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