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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you determine rent price?

To determine rent price we use what is called a comparative market analysis. Which is exactly what it's name describes. It is a
report that compares similar properties in the neighborhood to determine a fair but competitive price for your rental.

How long does it take to rent out a property?

This can vary depending on the property itself, when it is on the market, and the location of the property. On average properties are rented with in 2 weeks of being on the market. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around time.

What is your prospective tenant screening process?

We believe having the right tenant will save you and us a world of troubles.That is why we have a very thorough tenant screening process. We do credit checks, criminal back ground, prior residency, house hold members, employment, eviction history, rental history, social media, and general web on all of our applicants. 

How often do you conduct walk throughs?

We do a check of the outside of the property once a month and every 6 months we do an inside walkthrough of the property where we also check all air filters. The key to maintaining a successful rental property is to insure it is being well taken care of. 

How are maintenance issues handled?
When a tenant submits a maintenance request we send out our maintenance team who will address the problem. Once the cause is determined the technician will either repair the issue or contact an appropriate technician to fix it. If it was determined the tenant to be the cause they are responsible for paying for the repair. If it falls under normal wear and tear we will notify the owner. If it is a major repair we will always get multiple opinions and quotes.

Do I have to give a 30 day notice?

Yes. All tenants per your lease are required to give a 30 day notice before vacating the property. Even if you are doing a month to month occupancy you are still required to submit an 30 day notice. This can be done via your tenant portal.

Do you accept Section 8 Vouchers?

No we do not accept Section 8 Vouchers.

What Breeds are on your restricted list?

We have 10 Breeds on this list and would need Owner approval prior to any of these animals coming on the property.
1. Alaskan Malamutes
3. Dalmatians
4. Doberman Pinschers
5. German Shepherds
6. Great Danes
7. Pit Bull Terriers (this includes Bully and Pocket Bully)
8. Rottweilers
9. Siberian and Alaskan Huskies
10. Wolf Hybrids

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