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Full service property management means you leave the keys with us and we do the rest.  We're the experts and you have better things to do.  From legal issues to the proper way to service your HVAC to the tax advantages of owning real estate...we know the ropes!  The only thing we want you to do is give us the keys and sit back while we go to work.   

Our Services:

  • Evaluate the property for an in depth rental market analysis

  • Inspect the property for necessary repairs/preventive maint

  • Marketing campaign designed to attract quality tenants 

  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants to include criminal background, sex offender, credit report and more

  • Walk throughs of your property twice per year

  • Detailed monthly owner statements 

  • Direct Deposit of rents every month

  • With a long list of trusted contacts and a Licensed Tennessee General Contractor on staff we can handle any repair

Our Fees are Simple:

  • 10% of monthly rent(management fee)

  • $35 direct deposit fee setup(one time)

  • $400 tenant placement fee(every time a new tenant is placed)

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